About Our Massage Program

About Our Massage Program

Our professional massage program consists of a 750-hour program (in-class hours consist of 50 minutes per hour). AAMS has an academically driven course load, which will mentally and physically challenge the student in preparation for the Board Certification Exam. Our students are taught to use scientific knowledge to begin their professional career as a health care providers.  Our students are taught a variety of massage techniques and modalities, as well as personal communication skills, ethics, and the law pertaining to massage. Our students participate  in student clinic, working with the public to hone their massage skills. They also work on necessary business skills, phone etiquette, scheduling, medical billing and cash flow.These skills are needed to build a successful business as a massage practitioner. Our students work in an existing massage clinic getting hands on experience in the working world.

AAMS policies and procedures are based on and follow the guidelines set forth by the Washington State Workforce Training and Coordinating Board, the American Massage Therapy Association, and the Board  Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. We feel our job does not end with graduation; instead, it ends with practitioners in successful massage practices. All policies and procedures are uniformly and fairly applied to all students.

The professional massage program consists of the following subjects:

750-Hour Program:
170 Hours – Kinesiology, Anatomy & Physiology
80 Hours – Pathology
100 hours – Business
400 Hours – Massage Theory and Massage Practice

To help with any transfer of credits we include:
7 hours of blood born pathogens in our Pathology class
6 hours of ethics in our Massage Theory class
36 hours of hydrotherapy in our massage practice